Klanglicht 2023

Thu, 2023-10-26 17:45

You think Graz looks beautiful at night?

Then you will love it even more during "Klanglicht"!

For three days certain landmarks in the city of Graz will be the canvas for an open air exhibition made of lights and sound. In total 15 installations will be set up across the city. Eleven of these will be accessible free of charge. We will meet up in front of the opera at Kaiser-Josef-Platz 10 and from there, we will visit all of the eleven exhibitions which are accessible. 

We will see the spots inside the inner city and make our way up the Schlossberg to the clock tower which will also be illuminated as one of the exhibits. 




WHEN: October 26, 2023

MEETING POINT: 17:45, in front of the Graz Opera House

COSTS: participation is free

SIGN-UP: online via https://esn.htugraz.at/signupesnevent/9B046EACB307C1264A82F816121FCFB1 OR at the meeting point



We will be walking up the Schlossberg, so make sure you have some suitable shoes that you can comfortably walk in even if the ground gets a bit slippery at night and wear warm clothes, because the whole event takes place outside!! And don´t forget to charge your smartphone before, it´s a great event to take some nice pics!!


Four out of eleven exhibitions are only acessible with a festival pass at the cost of 15 Euros. They are NOT part of this ESN event!


But of course you can choose to buy a ticket YOURSELF before the event, so you can go and visit those four highlights. The tickets can be bought online or in person at the shop "Ticketzentrum" at Kaiser-Josef-Platz 10. 

Link to the website: https://ticketzentrum.buehnen-graz.com/Stuecke/klanglicht_festivalpass_2023/27-10-2023?_ga=2.28766652.1492029421.1697917197-114255722.1697917197

Caution: there are seperate festival pass tickets for each of the 3 days of the festival! For example the pass for the 25th October is  not valid on the 26th or 27th of October! So if you decide to buy a ticket for yourself be sure to buy it for the right day! 


Please note: When you take part in one of your events, you do so at your own risk and your own responsibility. We do not take any responsibiltiy! Make sure that you have an appropriate insurance!