We are organising several events and activities during the semester, and especially for international exchange students we want them to be very attractive. These events are organised in a close cooperation with our collegues from University of Graz.
Some are free, but generally you need to pay a participation fee. Nevertheless the price will always be cheaper than you could organise it by yourown. Everyone with a valid ESNcard gets an even more reduced price usually for our events.


You want to know which events are planned for this semester?

For all our events following rules apply:

  • The list of available events can change. Smaller events may be added during the semester.
  • You have a good idea for an event we could organize? Contact us - the earlier the better.
  • We have to cancel an event if there are too few participants. So please register (sign up) for the events as soon as you know you want to join it!
  • Usually during the payment process of an event participation amount you get a confirmation - bring it with you on the day of the event, because this permits you to participate! (also your ESN card would be convenient, if you own one)


We are looking forward to see you at our events!


How to sign up (register) for an event:

  1. Read the event description. It will tell you if you need to register (email or at the office).
    The following three cases are possible:

    a.) no registration: just come to the event

    b.) email/online: send your registration. Be sure to include all the necessary information stated in the event description (like name, esn card number, phone number,..)

    c.) office: you must go to one of the office hours to register

  2. Pay special attention to the registration start and deadline.
  3. Some events have special conditions for registration and payment. Be sure to read them (they are linked in the event description)
  4. If something is unclear don't hesitate to contact us.





How many events are there during a semester and how much do they cost?

Generally we will have about 1-3 events every week. We need some time to organise the events, so if there is no price on the website, we don’t know it yet. We will let you know all necessary information as soon as possible through our newsletter.


Do I need an ESNcard to participate in your events?

No, you do not necessarily need an ESNcard, but we highly recommend it, because the price is usually significantly lower if you have an ESNcard.


When can I sign up for an event?

Generally sign up starts 2 weeks before the event unless otherwise stated.


How can I sign up for an event?

Generally we register our event participants during our office hours. Please bring your ESNcard and cash with you. Unfortunately we cannot take card payments. You will have to pay when you register.


How many people can be signed up for an event?

It depends on the event. For trips we generally sign up 30-60 people. There are also smaller events for which we can only sign up around 20 people. In any case we recommend to register for the event as soon as possible if you want to get a place. When the event is full, we can still put you on the waiting list, in which case you do not have to pay immediately.


Do I really need to come to the office to sign up for the event?

Yes, because you need to pay in cash and sign the conditions of participation.


Can somebody else come to the office and sign me up for the event?

Yes, this is possible for most trips. Your friend should bring your ESNcard and enough cash. They will also need to sign the conditions of participation in your place. However, please note that this is not possible for highly popular events, such as the Ski Event and the Summer Event.


I am on the waiting list for an event, what are the chances that I can join the trip?

This is hard to say. If you are first or second on the waiting list, it is likely that you will get a place. In case you got a place, the organisers of the event would contact you as soon as possible. If you have waiting list place 23 for example, it is highly unlikely that you will be able to join the trip.


There are so many people on the waiting list, can you make another event?

We can consider organising the same trip twice if another 50 people are on the waiting list, which generally doesn’t happen. Every new event is a financial risk for ESN Graz, especially because the people on the waiting list might not all have time on the new date. We offer many events and hope that you will join us on some of the other trips!


How can I get in touch with the organisers of an event?

As you know we are a big team and the people in the office hours might not always know all the details on a particular event. You will most probably receive an e-mail by the organisers one or two days before the trip. If you need to talk to them before, write us an e-mail and we will forward it to the right person.


This event is kind of expensive, can’t you make it cheaper?

Most probably not, because ESN also has limited financial resources. We try to offer events for all budgets, so we recommend you to join one of our many other trips.


I want to go to place xy, can you organise an event?

Believe us, there are reasons why certain events are not organised ;) Generally the list of events is fixed in the beginning of the semester and is normally not changed afterwards.


I decided I don’t want to go on the trip, can I get my money back?

Depends. If you unregister before the deadline you can get your money back. If not, it depends on our funds, but generally you will not get your money back if you unregister after the deadline.


I feel sick and cannot come on the trip tomorrow. Can I get my money back?

Yes, but you will need to bring a confirmation from a doctor.


If I have any other questions, can I contact you?

Well, yes of course :) Please write us an email or contact us via Facebook!