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This is the website of the department responsible for exchange students of the students' union and ESN Graz (ESN TU Graz together with ESN Uni Graz).
We are a group of students providing a couple of services for international exchange students, voluntarily during our free time. Anyone who comes to our universities in Graz for a limited time or wants to go abroad as a student is welcome to contact us.
You should start reading the information section and after that you maybe want to create an account.

COVID-19 information page

As it's not difficult to hear from different media, friends or fellow humans, the so called COVID-19 (coronavirus, CoV) circulates.

How we are affected, taken measures and some further information you will find here.

2022.01.22 Server outage resolved but some data was lost

Sadly today an issue occured at the server hosting our site. Thankfully we could restore it after a few hours but as the last backup was done at night some data was lost.
If you applied for any of our services between 2022.01.22 00:25 and 2022.01.22 19:55 you will need to do so again. We apologize for the inconvience!

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