Pickup Service


Pickup service for arriving students


For incoming exchange students (of participating universities and higher education institutions, see below) we offer a pickup service. But - if you're going to study at:

  • University of Graz (Karl-Franzens university),
  • University of Music and Performing Arts Graz,
  • Medical University Graz,
  • FH Joanneum (University of Applied Sciences),
  • Campus 02

please ask your buddy if he/she can pick you up. If you don't know, what a buddy is or how to get one, just read more about our ESN Buddy Programme. We encourage everyone to take part as you will have a lot of fun in the groups and you can also get help easily! If your university doesn't offer a buddy programme, please contact the international office of your university!



The service as follows is currently only available for students who will be studying at:

  • TU Graz (Graz University of Technology)


We organise someone who will welcome you at the train station, airport, or any other meeting point in Graz.
This is especially for those who are forced to arrive outside office hours and would not be able to get the key for their accommodation otherwise. Also everyone who is unsure about how to get to their accommodation can request this service. Please try to arrive within office hours, that will be much easier for all involved persons! Normally we will try to organise one of your buddies to pick you up.


Important for carrying out:

  • When making the pickup request try to be as precise as possible and fill out everything in the form!
  • In case we should get the key before, don't forget to include the contact information of the person who has the key in Graz.
  • You also should inform the person, that someone else will pick up the key for you.
  • Also comment, if you have to pay a deposit and how much (don't forget to bring it with you in cash when you arrive!).
  • You should also let us know, if you are arriving together with someone else -> But every single person still has to fill out a pickup request. So, if you are three persons travelling together all three must fill out the form!


PLEASE NOTE: We can not guarantee, that we are able to fulfil every request, but we promise to do our best! To make this easier we ask you to enter the pickup request at least 8 days before arrival! Then we are usually always able to find someone to pick you up. (Everyone of us is working for this in our free time, so a 24/7 service is not possible ;-)

ATTENTION: If you stay at a dormitory by the ├ľAD housing service, we can not get the key for you before the date you booked the room for! E.g. you booked the room from the 1st of September till the end of the semester, then we can get the key beginning with 1st of September but not before. This means, if the 1st of Sept. is a Saturday or a Sunday, we will not be able to get the key for you the week before!

There are also so-called key boxes, please also request these directly from your accommodation and let us know if the key has been deposited there!


How you can request the pickup service:

  • At first you need to create an account on our website.
    It is fairly easy but please note: A newly created account also needs to be activated and that can take up to 48 hours. So it's best to set up the account right away!
  • After your account has been activated, please log in!
    Afterwards you are able to make a pickup request here.
  • If anything changes in your travel arrangement, you can edit your pickup request here after loggin in.
  • What happens now after you made your request: We will send you a confirmation email as soon as we've found a person who will pick you up. We try to send this email at least 3 days before you will arrive. If you don't get a confirmation until 3 days before your arrival in Graz, please contact us.


Attention: By making a pickup request you agree, that the person who will pick you up gets all necessary information to do so! Also our staff coordinating the service can read the entered data. This data will not be given to anyone else.