ESN Buddy Programme - Overview

ESN Buddies are local students studying at universities in Graz and they are taking care of incomings (international exchange students). One important thing to know is that they do not get paid for this, but they do this in their free time! They are supporting you during all stages of your exchange: before your arrival, when you arrived and during your stay. They are happy to answer your questions about student life, living in Graz etc and should introduce you to Austrian student life by meeting up, showing you around, cooking together, partying together or whatever you and your group decides to do.

International Exchange students can decide on their own if they want to sign up for the ESN Buddy Programme or not. But we really recommend everyone to take part in this awesome programme in order to experience Austrian student life and make the most out of your stay in Graz. 

At the TU Graz the Buddy Programme is organised in groups. A group consists of 1 to 3 local buddies. Depending on the number of buddies 1-6 incomings (international students) can join the group.

Read a little bit more about it in the following sections: