ESN Buddy Programme for International Exchange Students


Get a buddy - get a friend 

You are an exchange student and you want to get to know local students during your exchange semester? 
You want to get support  when arriving in the new city, experience how the Austrian student life looks like and make new friends? Then the ESN Buddy Programme is just the right thing for you! 

How do you become a member of a buddy group? Fairly simply:


1.Create an account

Only after your account has been validated (this happens within 1-5 days),you can join a buddy group


2.Choose your buddy group 

Registration: You can create an account throughout the whole year.

You can sign up starting from mid of January (for the summer semester) and from mid of August (for the winter semester)

Click on "My ESN" - "list mentor (buddy) group" (you must login first). You will then see an overview list. By clicking on the link of one group you get more details about the buddy group. Before joining a group, check them out first and then choose the one you like best.
If you’re not sure, you may consider the following factors when choosing a group: 

  • Same field of study
  • Availability (e.g. buddy is in Graz when you arrive)
  • Language skills (e.g. you want a buddy that has knowledge of your native language or interest in a certain language)
  • Shared hobbies and interests 


3. Join a buddy group

To join a group view the group detail page and click on the “join” link. Then enter some information about you. Once you joined a group you cannot change your choice anymore! After you joined the group you get the contact details of your buddy and you can get in touch with each other and already arrange a first meeting. You will also be able to see more information about the other students who joined the same group.

Attention: Please only join a buddy group if you are really interested in the programme! There is only a limited number of spots available, and if you join a group and do not show up afterwards, you're taking away the spot of somebody else who might want to join.

We hope that participating in the ESN Buddy Programme enriches your stay in Graz and helps you to fully emerge in the Austrian student life and have a great time! 

If you have any questions about the programme or any suggestions how to improve it, do not hesitate to contact us!