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    Mögliche Störungen nach Wartungsarbeiten auf unserer Website.

  • Planned website maintenance

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       Wir sind auf die neue Adresse https://esn.htugraz.at übersiedelt!

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  • Our new domain is active

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      Moving to a new domain:

    We move today 26.8.2020 from https://esn.htu.tugraz.at to our new address https://esn.htugraz.at! During the move tonight the website will be temporarily not be available. If that happens for you please wait a bit and try again later using the new address!

  • Welcome visitor!

    This is the website of the department responsible for exchange students of the students' union and ESN Graz (ESN TU Graz together with ESN Uni Graz).
    We are a group of students providing a couple of services for international exchange students, voluntarily during our free time. Anyone who comes to our universities in Graz for a limited time or wants to go abroad as a student is welcome to contact us.
    You should start reading the information section and after that you maybe want to create an account.
  • Willkommen Besucher!

    Du befindest dich auf der Website des Referats zuständig für Austauschstudierende der HTU Graz und ESN Graz (ESN TU Graz zusammen mit ESN Uni Graz).
    Wir sind eine freiwillige Gruppe von Studierenden, die in ihrer Freizeit einige Service für internationale Austauschstudierende anbieten. All jene, die für einen kurzzeitigen Austausch nach Graz an unsere Universitäten kommen oder selbst ins Ausland gehen möchten, sind herzlich willkommen.
    Am besten schaust du dir zuerst den Informationsbereich an, danach möchtest du vielleicht einen Account anlegen.
  • Cancellation of ESN Austria ski trip A.L.P.S. (Ski areas will be closed)

    We are very sorry to announce that the ALPS OC had to made the hard decision and to cancel the ski trip due to restrictions announced yesterday by the Austrian government.

    UPDATE: Ski areas in Salzburg will be closed from 15.3.2020 on.

    Read more (including the ALPS OC Announcement)

  • ALPS Ski-trip - payment postponed till tomorrow. To be updated

    Due to current events the payment deadline for the ALPS ski trip is postponed to tomorrow Wednesday. Please do not come to the office today (Tuesday) for the ski-trip. All participants will get emails with further instructions. We will update this post here when we have new information.