Registered for an account but can't login?


You registered for an account but can't log in?

There are three possibities:

- You are not eligable for an account here (only students coming to study at the TU Graz university are)

- Our admin still hasn't activated your account - read below in option b.) how you can send a reminder

- Or you simply forgot your password, then chose option a.) to get a new login.

What you can do:

a.) Request a new password (This does not really send you a new password. But it sends you a one-time login link to your email address. After using the link you must set a new password immediately. Be sure to check your spam folder if  you don't get an email!

b.) If it says your user account is unknown but you are sure you used your correct email when registering then you need to contact us because most likely your account is blocked and must be activated by our admin. Write from the email you used to register the account and if you remember please include your user name in the message. Thanks.