Austrian national holiday


Austrian national holiday


On October the 26th Austria remembers the declaration of perpetual neutrality in direct political connection with the Austrian State Treaty of 15th of May, 1955.

Neutrality is - contrary to public opinion - not part of the State Treaty, but is laid down in the federal constitution, and Austria will maintain and defend it. It declares Austria's independence to the outside world and the inviolability of its territory. It also says not to join any military alliances and not to allow the establishment of military bases of foreign states on its territory in the future.

Usually the federal armed forces celebrate a lot of swearing-in ceremonies and hold a military parade in Vienna (Ringstra├če). Furthermore normally the parliament, the ministries and the Hofburg (the domicile of the national president) open their doors for the public.

Due to COVID-19 and its serious situation instead now the working place of our national president is shown in a modern way. So, sit back and relax with a little bit of Austrian culture: This video gives you an interesting insight with a short but spectacular drone flight through and around the Vienna Imperial Palace!

The video is just available in German, but our president is speaking slowly and clearly, so also good time to practise your German for 3 minutes again ;)

We wish you all a great national holiday!


For all of us it also means shops are generally closed on this day.