Cookie Baking Video

Are you in for some cookie baking? In December Austrians love to make all sorts of Christmas cookies. Vanillekipferl (Vanilla Crescents) may be the most popular ones but they are definitely not the only ones to find their way into the Austrian cookie boxes. If you want to bake some traditional Christmas cookies, here are the ingredients for two different sorts of cookies. In this video we will show you, how to make them!

Vanilla Crescents
280g flour
80g grated nuts
80g powdered or icing sugar
220g cold butter
2Pkg. vanilla sugar
1 pinch of salt
Topping: powdered or icing sugar, 2Pkg. vanilla sugar

Cocoa Kisses
4 egg whites
6 drops rum flavouring
1Pkg. vanilla sugar
200g powdered or icing sugar
150g coconut flakes
Optional: some vanilla flavouring

Download link to video (Attention! The video is just available for a short time, has a file size of 1,8GB and is not suitable for playing on older computers!  We are working currently on a better solution to directly implement a smaller version of the video into our website.)