How to get your ESNcard...


If you already have an account on our website (not necessary!) and you are interested in an ESNcard, please make sure you still follow the correct links!


If you are logged in, you will also see the additional options "My ESN > my ESNcard" in the menu, which leads to a page that is under construction currently. To get the ESNcard this is the wrong link! With this page we are planning some nice features here for the future.


To get your ESNcard please follow "Information > ESNcard". On this page you will find all information very detailed - take your time to read carefully, so there will be no delays and you can soon hold your ESNcard in your hands!


At the moment you don't need an account on our website to get an ESNcard!
(However, it is possible that you already have an account, for example because you have used the pickup service or participate in the ESN Buddy Programme.)