ESNcard online application: auto-mail asks you to come to our office


The mail relating your ESNcard you receive after some time after your online application telling you should come to our office is an auto-message our system sends the time when the ESNcard is issued. The text in the auto-message does not respect the postal delivery service we offer right now. Our technician also volunteers for ESN in addition to his 40 hour job and simply hasn't made it yet to update the text of the automatically sent message.


In case we received all necessary documents and information as well as your postal address, we will send the ESNcard directly to you!
If you told us a postal address within your ESNcard online application, please ignore that auto-mail you should come to our office :)


If you won't have received the ESNcard within several days after you got that auto-message, maybe a shipment tracking needs to be done, but first the office of your students dorm might know something where the delivery could have been lost...

If you receive any other mail relating the ESNcard after your online application, it is very likely we do not have all necessary information to issue the ESNcard. Please make sure not to forget any documents - all details can be found here!