Hiking trip: Gösting - Plabutsch - Graz

Sun, 2022-05-08 10:00 - 14:00

On Sunday 8. May we will leave for a nice hike. Our route is heading from Gösting onto Plabutsch (Fürstenstand) and then back to Graz. From Fürstenstand (http://www.maussermost.at/bergheuriger/) we willl have a very nice panoramic view over Graz.


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MEETINGPOINT: 10 a.m. Gösting (at the bus stop #40) - Sunday - 8.May.2022

Tour: Hike up to Plabutsch (370m altitude difference)~ 2 h a break with good view (30-60min)
Hike from Plabutsch back to Graz approx. 1h (downhill) Bus back home (bus #40)

Equipment: suitable (good) footwear, food and drink for hike (hopefully also possible at Fürstenstand), warm clothes, raincoat, money (bus ticket!);
Cost: 0 Euro (you need the bus tickets to get to Gösting and back, food, drink, money if you buy someting at Fürstenstand)
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When there is bad weather the trip will be canceled! (you will receive an e-mail update on Sunday morning, delivered to your submitted e-mail address)


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