UniGraz Museum

Wed, 2023-05-03 13:50

Are you ready for your next Museum visit? 

The UniGraz Museum´s permanent exhibition includes the largest digital book, the longest wave machine and objects that illustrate the development of physics research: 

Form a ship´s chronometer to Austria´s oldest preserved laser apparatus to a tunnel microscope, which manages entirely without light and optical lenses. In addition, insights into the ethics of science will be provided.

The exhibition also invites visitors to experiment, for example how figure skaters control their speed and measure their strength on the Magdeburg hemispheres. The influence Machine shows whether the spark of the spirit of research has been ignited. 

The entrance is for FREE and the tour is guided. 

Meeting point: Universitätsplatz 3, in front of the University of Graz at 13:50.

Sign up link: https://esn.htugraz.at/signupesnevent/2D7A9A2002C520B86B4DF07C071247D1




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