Stadtpark-Picnic and Spikeball

Tue, 2023-06-13 18:00

It´s picnic time- games, Frisbee, Spikeball and good vibes. 

The sun is shining and where better to spend those lovely days than at Stadtpark? So grab your buddy, local and international friends and join us at the ESN Picnic&Games!

Bring your own snacks, drinks and favourite games. 


  • 13th of June 2023 (Tue), 18:00


  • We will get togehter at Stadtpark for some games, Spikeball and snacks and enjoy a chill day outside. Feel invited to bring your own belongings as well. 


  • Stadtpark, at the Ententeichkurve (close to Parkhouse)
  • Just keep your eyes open for the ESN flag and you won´t miss us! If you can´t find us, tell us in our ESN telegram group and we will assist you ;)


  • Participation is for free!