A.L.P.S. - National Skiing Trip

Fri, 2023-11-24 10:00 - Sun, 2023-11-26 20:30



A.L.P.S.-National Skiing Trip 

Date: Fri, 24.11.2023 - Sun, 26.11.2023


Ever heard of Austrias national sport? 

Damn right, it´s skiiing and it would be a pity to do an exchange in our beautiful country without at least having tried to balance yourself on two wooden sticks (or one if you´re on the dark side with the cookies a.k.a. a snowboarder). 

This is why ESN Austria created the ESN A.L.P.S.-Action-Leisure-Party-Ski for you! However, for us Austrians spending a day on the snowy slopes is only one part of the skiing experience. Wehen the ski lifts close around 4 p.m., Austrians often passionately engage in something called Aprés Ski- something you surely wouldn´t want to miss out!

From 24.11.-26.11.2023 over 200 exchange students form all over Austria will gather in Mölltal, a true glacier with skiing slopes to spend an incredible weeekend full of skiing, party and fun! Let us show you how we ski!

Don´t miss out on that amazing opportunity & join ESN A.L.P.S. - the peak of your exchange semester!




WHEN: Friday, 24th of November (10:00 a.m.) until Sunday, 26th of November 2023 (late evening) 

MEETING POINT: Friday, 24th of November 2023, 10:00 a.m. at Franz-Graf Allee (next to the Opera Graz) 

WHERE: Action- and Sporthotel Mölltal, 9831 Flattach


WHAT do we have planned for you?


  • Transport from Graz to the hotel
  • Check-in & getting your ski equipment 
  • Dinner
  • Evening program


  • Breakfast
  • Finally time to ski/snowboard the whole day
  • Dinner
  • Afterwards: Aprés-Ski Party 


  • Check-out at 10:00 a.m. and breakfast
  • Skiing/snowboarding again until approx. midday
  • Transport back to graz



-Basic prices-

  • with ESNcard: 235 Euros
  • without ESNcard: 255 Euros

!!!Additionally, you will have to pay 20 Euros of deposit, which you will get back at the end of the event, if everything went well in the hotel and on the bus!!!


-Included in the basic package-

  • Transportation via bus to Flattach/Mölltal and back to Graz
  • Accomodation for 2 nights
  • Breakfast and dinner
  • Ski pass for 2 days (Saturday and Sunday)
  • Evening program Friday (games night) and Saturday (party) 


-Optional packages & prices- 

  • ski/snowboard rental (helmet included in both):

      - 43 Euros for ski equipment 

      - 43 Euros for snowboard equipment


  • ski/snowboard clothes: 

      - 25 Euros gloves & goggles  

            * 15 Euros only gloves 

            * 15 Euros only goggles

      - 38 Euros ski pants

      - 45 Euros ski jacket

      - 60 Euros ski jacket & pants 


  • ski/snowboard lessons (available for beginner, intermediate & advanced levels): 

      - 15 Euros for one day 

      - 25 Euros for both days 


ATTENTION: Lunch is not included in our prices. At the party on Saturday you can buy drinks with student-friendly prices. 



For the registration, please follow this link. 

The registration will be opened on Sunday, 22.10.2023 at 10:00 a.m. 


Once you have done the initial registration, additional information is needed, which will be asked via an email. Make sure to click on the link in this mail and fill out all the information. 

After that, you will be informed if you got a spot (this can take a couple of minutes) and receive further information on the trip. If you got a spot, please come to our special A.L.P.S. office hour on Monday to pay. 

Better be quick to sign up, usually this event is sold out within minutes. 



The week after the registration, we will hold an additional A.L.P.S. office hour for payment for those who manged to get a spot. It will take place on Monday, 23.10.2023, at Uni Graz (Universitätsstraße 15, RESOWI, section C) HS. 15.02 from 18:00 till 21:00! Please bring the needed amount (price basic + deposit + optional package). 

If you´re not able to come on Monday to pay, please tell us so but also if you don´t want your spot, please tell us immediately so that we can give the spot to someone else. 

ATTENTION: We only accept cash payments!!!


PLEASE NOTE: When you take part in one of our events, you do so at your own risk and your own responsibility! We do not take any responsibility! Make sure that you have an appropriate insurance! Make sure that your insurance also covers helicopter flights, in case of a skiing accident!