Museum of Locks and Keys

Thu, 2023-11-23 10:45

Let´s take a glimpse together on the fascinating world of locks and keys! Everyone uses them. We actually don´t even recognize them anymore though we need them every single day. And all of us have at least once lost one of them: The keys. Do you know the ritual of the widower´s key? You´ve  always wanted to know, if chastity belts are real? Why did every house has it´s own silver chest, that can be locked up? 

And why is there a dog in a chest? 

And furthermore keys are even very important for our language: There is a key-account-manager, do you have key skills? We may search the key to someone´s heart....

Join us on a guided tour through the museum, afterwards you will have time to explore the exhibitions on your own. 

Sounds like fun and you want to join us? Then make sure to get a spot and register for this event in one of our office hours. 




WHEN: 23rd of November 2023, 10:45

MEETING POINT: Lendplatz (in front of the SPAR) 


  • 3 Euros with ESNcard
  • 5 Euros without ESNcard 

SIGN-UP: starting at the 13.11.2023, during our office hours